IMTC, NCCA conduct Cultural Mapping Seminar-Workshop

The Infanta Municipal Tourism Council (IMTC) conducted a 2-day Cultural Mapping Seminar-Workshop on January 13 & 14, 2014 at Fiesta Infanta Restaurant, Brgy. Ingas, Infanta, Quezon. The conduct of said activity is in line with the continuing effort of the local government of Infanta and the IMTC to develop the tourism development plan for Infanta.

The seminar-workshop, facilitated by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) focused on Cultural Mapping. Cultural mapping is a valuable tool for identifying the community’s strengths and resources or “cultural treasures.” Moreover, it can be used to record, classify and describe the community’s cultural assets. NCCA discussed the classifications of cultural assets and resources, which include community cultural organizations, spaces & facilities, intangible assets, cultural heritage, natural heritage, festival & events, creative cultural industries & creative cultural occupations. Thus, through the cultural mapping activity, the LGU & IMTC will have a better understanding of the locality’s potentials as far as tourism is concerned.

During the workshop, the participants were taught how to carry out the profiling/mapping. They were also taught to devise a simple tour plan particularly the members of IMTC. At the same time, teachers & school heads were tasked to make a lesson plan highlighting the integration of local culture in the different subject areas.

According to NCCA, Infanta has a wide array of resources that can be tapped for tourism promotion. However, it is necessary that these potentials are tapped and showcased to encourage tourists.