Infanta Citizens Charter

Message from the Municipal Mayor

Through the years, the Local Government of Infanta is continuing with its thrust of providing for the general welfare of its people. With the enactment of Republic Act 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act, LGUs are mandated to ensure a competent and efficient service delivery anchored on transparency and accountability.

In 2010, the Municipal Government drafted its Citizen’s Charter, a guidebook providing details on the frontline services the local government is providing for the general public. This year, the LGU of Infanta made important revisions in its Citizen’s Charter highlighting the way the frontline services are presented: the step-by-step procedure for availing each service, the response or transaction time for its delivery, the required fees, and the municipal officers and personnel responsible for the services. Supplemental to this information is the list of requirements a client must comply with to facilitate service delivery.

May this publication serve as a development tool in the promotion of good governance and responsive public service. Further, the municipal government desires that the Citizen’s
Charter will empower our constituency and open opportunities for greater people’s participation on service improvements.

Una sa lahat, mamamayan muna!


Welcome Message

Archeology accounts that more than three hundred years ago, in the northern part of Quezon Province, a promising town called Binangonan del Ampon, now known as Infanta, was established. Today, it is declared as the great gateway to the Pacific.