The commemoration started in a Fun Ride at 5:00 in the morning at Infanta Social Center going to Dinahican Resettlement Area and was participated by the REINA Bikers Association and then

followed by a Tree-planting led by the MENRO Office.  They planted Dangkalan (Calophyllum obliquinervium), a tree 4 to 20 (-30) m tall; 65 cm in dbh without buttresses and Bani (Millettia pinnata), also known for having a lot of medicinal properties. Both Beach Forestry are salt-tolerant tree and are great in controlling soil erosion, great wind, typhoon breaker and water breaker.  Finally, a raffle held at Infanta Social Center to end the first part of the activity for that day.



The second part of the commemoration was the program held at Infanta Social Center which was hosted by LLDRMO, ACTS Computer College and REINAFED with a theme: “Basta Infantahin, Pagbabago Ng Panahon Pamihadong Kayang Harapin” followed by Elementary Schools Band Exhibition.


The third part of the commemoration was the blessing of the Emergency Operation Center.