Municipal Mayor

Filipina Grace R. America started her political career at the age of 29.  She was first elected as a Senior Municipal Councilor for two consecutive terms.  After which, she was elected Municipal Vice-Mayor for another two terms.  On her term as Municipal Vice-Mayor, she was appointed Municipal Mayor by rule of succession.  In 2004, she was elected Municipal Mayor and served on such capacity until June 2013 or for a total of nine years.  In 2013, she was elected Municipal Vice-Mayor and in 2016, she was elected as Municipal Mayor and currently serving as such.

Under her governance our Infanta received multiple awards and recognition. 

Mayor America puts premium on governance that is participatory, in which people are involve in the planning, budgeting and implementation of any development efforts.  She also regards transparency and accountability as valuable in promoting good governance.

Mayor America is also a strong advocate of gender equality.  Her strong advocacy is not because of her being female but rather because of her strong subscription to the saying that “there is no tool for development more powerful that the empowerment of women”.  – Armida M. Concepcion, 2017.


Year Awards
2011 Outstanding Fisherfolk (Culture) (Quezon Province, 2011)
2011 Outstanding Rice Farmer (Quezon Province, 2011)
2011 Galing Pook for Community-Based Mental/ Psychosocial Health Management (ReINaPan) (Office of the President, 2011)
2011 Seal of Good Housekeeping (DILG, 2011)
2010 Outstanding Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Council (Region IV-A, 2010)
2010 Outstanding Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (Quezon Province, 2010)
2009 Outstanding Municipal Gender and Development Council (Quezon Province, 2009)
2008 Outstanding Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Council (Quezon Province, 2008)
2008 Outstanding Rice Farmer (Quezon Province, 2008)
2008 Outstanding Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Council (Region IV-A, 2008)