Getting Here

The municipality of Infanta is situated on the northern part of Quezon Province. It is one of the 13 municipalities compromising the first congressional district. It is bounded on the north and northwest by General Nakar, on the east and southeast by Polillo Strait and Lamon Bay, on the south by Real and on the west by the provinces of Rizal and Laguna.

The global position of Infanta is between latitude 14°37´ and 14°47´ N and longtitude 121°30´ and 121°45´ E

Infanta is accessible from Manila by land through the eastern Rizal Highway from Antipolo to the eastern Lakeshore towns of Laguna de Bay, thence through the winding 60-km Famy-Infanta road across the Sierra Madre range. Through this route Infanta is approximately 145 km from the City of Manila. A shorter route, the Marikina-Infanta Highway


The completion of the Infanta-Marikina highway brings Infanta more than an hour closer to Metro Manila. The highway provides Infanta direct access to the unlimited demand for recreation among the metropolitan population. And nature-based recreation to have a strong appeal to pollution-battered urbanities. Thus, Infanta offers several establishments and tourist destinations for its residents and visitors.