Historical Personages

Knowing the character and order of war, a great number of men and women slipped away and joined the guerilla movement. Foremost among them was General Guillermo Nakar, an illustrious and be-medaled hero of the second world war. It was his ardent pursuit form liberty and freedom which led him to carry on the delicate mission given to him by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. From Australia MacArthur ordered General Nakar, then a Colonel, to secure the Order of Battle of the Japanese Imperial Army. Unfortunately, General Nakar was unable to accomplish the mission laid on his shoulders due to a treachery of a Filipino who exchange for his personal welfare divulged the hideout of General Nakar in Sitio Minuri in Jones, Isabela, After his capture, together with his men, he was imprisoned and tortured at Fort Santiago.The Japanese army tried to convince him to pledge allegiance to the Japanese Imperial Army in exchange for his freedom. But courageous Nakar firmly refused. Because of his refusal he was executed by the Japanese army on September 20, 1943 at the age of 38. He left behind his wife Angelina Coronel of Cavite and General. There were other men like him. Like Isidro Poblete, a radio operator who died in Bataan. So with Roperto Peñamora a certain Atendido and many others whose identities and achievements are nowhere to be traced. An almagica dealer who later became a teacher and principal joined the Anderson forces under the command of Dr. Amando Gurango. She is Miss Anacleta Gurango. now a retired teacher. She is the living witness to the significant event that took place on May 25, 1945 when the combined Japanese Army and Japanese marines surrendered to the American forces in Infanta.

Rev. Father Robles, the parish priest of Infanta waas another personage who after bieng suspected of feeding information to the resistance movement later joined the Anderson Guerilla movement. Among the Chinese residents who also participated in the resistance movement were Leonardo Go and Han Yao.