The Japanese Surrender

The number of the Japanese forces was recorded to be more than 75,000 men and officers who ended their fight upon surrender to Anderson and Col. Jaime Manzano. The Japanese army reached that number because they sheltered in the mountains of Sierra Madre believing that the war could be a protracted one. This group surrender followed that of their comrades in other regions of the country. Thus Infanta became the last frontier for war between the Japanese and the American forces. The Japanese surrender was a tearful and pain taking ceremony on the part of the Japanese.

It was Admiral Furushi who handed his samurai to the American Colonel based in Infanta, Quezon. Not all the Japanese soldiers were cruel as exemplified by one Japanese soldier who married a resident of the place. He was Captain Yamada now known as one of the proprietors of the famous Yamaha motorcycle, and the Hitachi electric fans being sold in the country today.