Present-Day Infanta

Present-day Infanta is what remains of the former district of Infanta after the creation of two daughter municipalities, General Nakar and Real. At its greatest extent the boundary of Infanta embraced the whole northern portion of Quezon Province (mainland) from the Umiray River in the north of Mag-asawang Bato in the southeast.
On July 21, 1949 the northern part of Infanta from Umiray River to gos River became the new municipality of General Nakar by virtue of executive Order 246. About a decade later the southern portion starting from Tigbi River was created into the municipal district of Real on December 15, 1960 under E.O. No. 410. Real was converted to a full-fledged municipality on June 22, 1963 by virtue of Republic Act 3754.

Much reduced in land area, present-day Infanta comprises about 34,276 hectares, about two fifths which are flat areas of the coastal plain and the three fifths hilly and mountainous. There are 36 barangays distributed into six homogeneous ecological units as follows:

Homogeneous Ecological Unit Barangay
Agricultural plain Batican, Ingas, Lual, Miswa, and Silangan
Estuarine Alitas, Amolongin, Anibong, Antikin, Bacong, Balobo, Binonoan, Cawaynin, Langgas, Maypulot, Pulo, and Tudturan
Mountainous Agos-agos, Gumian, Magsaysay, and Tongohin
Riverine Banugao, Catambungan, Ilog, Pilaway, and Pinaglapatan
Urban Bantilan, Comon, Poblacion I, Poblacion 38, and Poblacion 39